a division of Jackson Aircraft Weighing Systems LLC provides Aircraft scales, Aircraft Weighing Equipment, Helicopter Scales and Large Jet Under Axle Weighing Systems.

WE ARE THE WEIGH has now released its under axle large jet weighing systems.

A320, A330, 737, 757 and more can now be weighed under axle. Our system has a low center of gravity and is very stable, easy to use and low cost. You will never go back to platforms once you use one of our under axle aircraft weighing systems.

Airline and MRO operators are reporting up to 25 man labor hours saved on the task of weighing a large jet. Quick and easy use, our cells fit right on the jacks using one of our several height adapters to fit you under axle measurement. Save labor hours and money spent on large platforms by using our systems. Air operation, soft stroke two stage jacks makes your weighing as easy as it can get.

The worlds largest aircraft top of jack scale being calibrated to E74 standards a division of Jackson Aircraft Weighing Systems just completed and delivered the worlds largest aircraft top of jack scale system.

Scaled Composits in Mojave ordered and received the scale system built to very specific tolerances. The system will be used on the Stratolaunch space flight delivery aircraft and has a weighing capacity of 1.4 million pounds.

The system was calibrated using a 2 million lb force testing machine, calibrated to conduct E74 rated calibrations. Each cell underwent full calibration and rotation and received the final certifications for use. The system is fully wireless and computer operated, it has advanced capabilities and math functions for calculations and weighing status.

HONDA NEWS has supplied the Honda Jet program with the second M2400-3-10CS wireless scale system.  The system was specific and has built in functions for scale rotations and confirming weights in rotation.  Reports are that the first scale has performed well and now a second production line scale system will be going into service.  Our first video of operations is available at:

HH2400 hand held wireless transceiver is here!

Easy to use,light weight, wireless, it just does not get any better than our hand held units for simple operations, easy use and all operated on battery power, no more wall power outlets or extension cords.

MRJ Regional Jet scale system
Jackson Aircraft Weighing Service J.A.W.S. dba has been selected by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to supply the prototype scale system for the MRJ Regional jet which is starting initial testing this year.  The scale was custom built to the customer specifications and has a positive jack point for the tail point, like a Boeing 787.
The scale is fully wireless and displays on the supplied laptop computer running the JAWS base software.  The system MAP was produced to match the MRJ profile and has other features that are only available on the wireless systems.