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Tronair Helicopter Jack Adapters
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The standard short reach Tronair jack many times does not support load cell mounting. No problem, we make a special adapter that can be used on Tronair jacks with the 1.6 inch dia extension tubes. Just remove the tube to expose the jack cylinder hole.
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Once the extension is removed, a 1.6 inch hole will be available to mount our adapter and load cell into.
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Shown here is our 1.6 Tronair Jack Adapter, PN TA1.6-JA The tube in your jack is removed and the weighing adapters are fitted, then the cell drops in.
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Here is the adapter assembly, it is 17-4 stainless and is a direct drop in for Tronair jacks with the extension tube removed.. This equipment is only available from and

To the left you can see the final install and interface. The aircraft load cell has been firmly mounted and fixed to the jack cylinder and is ready for the weighing operation.

We manufacture specific scales for helicopter weighing applications and also carry a full line of adapters. Helicopter scales, helicopter weighing equipment and jack adapters are our business. Just call us with your requirements, or questions, we are here to help with your aircraft weighing or helicopter weighing equipment needs!