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Over the top of the ram adapters. Some jacks do not have the one inch hole you will have to use an "Over the Top" adapter. Shown here is the Meyer Hydraulics jack with our adapter fitted. These adapters are not included with our kits and are available as an option, they are available in two sizes to fit the small tube and large tube for use on the Meyer Hydraulics jacks as well as others.
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Meyers Hydraulics jacks do not have the one inch hole, here is shown a standard Meyers with jack point dimple. Note the welded area, older kits will have an adapter as shown below that will not properly grip this jack ram.
JAWS adapter, this is our 5.0 adapter for the larger tube Meyers Hydraulics jacks, we also have a 3.5 inch version for the smaller jack tubes
Here is our small format cell fitting into the adapter one inch hole on top of a Meyer jack, this is a 25,000 lb load cell used for medium service in our M2000-3-25CS kit

To view the Meyers Hydraulics jack series and all their quality jacks, just click this link to be connected directly to their web site:

Note how thick our adapters are, shown here is our P/N 5.0 OTJA adapter which can be used on ram tops from 2 inches to 4.250 inches in diameter, heavy duty solid steel and have 6 set screws to hold them in place.
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Machined from 4140 steel, the adapter series are avaialble in a 3.5 inch and 5 inch size. Shown here is the 5 inch on top of a Meyers Hydraulics jack. If your jacks do not have the one inch mounting hole for load cells, that is not an issue, with our adapters we can interface with most jack ram types..
Warning: The use of over the top adapter can be dangerous, only trained and qualified personnel should attempt to use this type of adapter. This type of adapter requires extreme attention to detail, centering and placement as well as monitoring the cell and adapter for movement. Failure to properly mount and use this adapter will result in damage to the aircraft or injury to personnel.
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Shown here, find our small 25K cell with our P/N 3.5 OTJA adapter. "over the top" mounting for use on jack ram tops from 1.5 inch to 2.750 inches.
There are two sizes of adapters that fit the cells, our 3.5 inch adapter fits our small cells 50K and below. Our large adapters fit our large cells up to 100K. We also manufacture adapters for all types of jacks including metric units.
If you need adapters for your application just email or call us 561-281-6179 Just click the pictures for direct email access!