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Yes, we have scales for Eurocopers, we are Eurocopter credited and can ship around the world!
Airbus EC120 being weighed on our M2400 series scale system, perfect for helicopter applications!
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EC145 main mount jack point to load cell interface.
Airbus Helicopter weighing on our M2400 series scale system

Wired systems or wireless systems, we are the leader in helicopter weighing applications.

EC145 top of jack load cell weighing.

If you need to weigh your Airbus helicopter, we have the scale kit for you.

Here you can see our series of pictures weighing an EC145 EMS helicopter. Weighing your helicopter is easy and cost effective using our M2000-3-10CS top of jack scale kit. Call 561-281-6179

Standard three point applications are available, we also sell four point kits for four point applications or just in case you wish to have an extra channel for a spare!

EC145 rear points, top of jack mount.