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Lear Jet top of jack load cell system order: M2000-3-25CS
Our M2000-3-25CS is our standard wired scale system, it is also available in wireless, see our wireless page and quote page.
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Wireless platforms are also available, each platform is capable of 10,000 lbs making them useable for all kinds of turboprops and light to medium jets.
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Our cell configuration does not interfer with the Lear Jack point as shown. Our units can clear and capture the jack point with out contacting your jack point side area, something our competitors units can not accomplish.
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Here you can see the clearance our cell with the radial cell top has, this cell can also be used for many other aircraft types and jack point sizes and configurations.
Here is the nose jack point and cell fit. Note: This aircraft was weighed on Myers Jacks. The Myer jack does not have provisions for load cells so a top of jack adapter was used as shown. There may be a gear door interferance issue when using a large jack adapter, requireing the door to be disconected. This problem will not be seen for operators using the smaller Meyer jack with our small jack adapter or a Tron Air jack with the one inch hole in the jack ram top.
Main point shown with top of jack adapter for a Myer main jack, used on a Lear 60
If you need to weigh your Lear Jet we have the scale system for you. On this page is located our picture set of the Lear 60 jack points showing our cell interface. Our system is complete with the jack tops as shown. Optional jack adapters are available for Myers jacks, both the small ram and large rams. Call Larry Jackson at 561-281-6179 today to discuss your requirement or answer any questions you may have.