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Cessna scale system HH2400-3-10KP wireless hand held or our wired M2000-3-10KP
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Cessna 208 on standard tronair jacks using our new wireless top of jack scale system. M2400-3-10CS this scale works great for small aircraft and helicopters up to light to medium jets and is one of our best sellers!
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Cessna 208 weighed on the M2000-3-10KP platform scale system

HH2400-3-10CS wireles or our HH2400-3-10KP wireless platform system.

Our HH2400 hand held unit is truly wireless, battery powered and the batteries last 1.5 years or more. No more extension cords or cables, just position the cells, wake them up and weigh your aircraft.

HH2400 indicators read out each point weight and advance to a total weight displayed. Its easy and portable, works great and makes weighing operations simple. Options available are a wireless printer or full upgrade to our M2400 series laptop computer system.

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Jacking your 208 and using our top of jack load cell kits is very easy. Our kits are available in wire or wireless configurations.
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Cessna 208 wheel detail, our platforms are 12 wide by 16 long and come with 30 inch long ramps for easy pull up
Our wired and wireless systems can be used for all Cessnas, from small up to the Citation line.
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Here is a small Cessna on our standard hard wired platform scales, 50 ft cables, digital indication, works great for most Cessna aircraft types.
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Small Cessna ready to weigh on our new wireless platform system. This system is capable of weighing most Cessna aircraft, from a 172 to a Cessna 550 Jet.
Weighing your Cessna is easy and cost effective: Order M2000-3-10KP weighing system, wired with 50 ft cables.

Order HH2400-3-10KP Platform wireless weighing system.

Order HH2400-3-10CS weighing system, top of jack wireless.

Our scale systems are made in West Palm Beach Florida by an A&P mechanic with 30 years of experience. We have used our systems in the field ourselves and our system is proven with hundreds of platforms sold world wide. 110V or Euro 220 capable with auto power supplies give you the capability to weigh any where! Call Larry Jackson at 561-281-6179
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Your aircraft will roll easily onto our platforms and weighing is easy and takes only a few minutes to set up and weigh your machine. Just click this picture for our quote page on line.