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$18,495.00 M2400-5-100CS Wireless Boeing large jet scale under axle systems are available using 100 ton bottle jacks with top of jack mount load cells. This system is low cost, easy to use and deploy using standard shipping like UPS and FEDEX. System can be used for a number of aircraft types with "truck" type gear and can be modified for use for three axle aircraft like the 737 as well.
Please note: This system is no longer available in wired configuration, we have now made all our large aircraft scale, mutli cell kits wireless. We will be updating our pictures shortly.
Front view of truck install of jack and cell, 100K cell with 50 tone jack
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Two kits are used for the main trucks, one kit for each side of the aircraft main gear and one for the nose gear
Nose jack detail 737, nose jack detail 707
Nose jack with cell fitted, note an adapter is used on the jack top and a 20 ton short jack is in place. In addition, to make up the distance and give proper lift, an additional spacer plate is used under the jack.
Main truck axle detail, note placement of the jack and cell. Side note: not all gear, brake and wheel to tire installations are the same, clearance from brakes, splash shields, tire size and ply all come into play. Always supply your measurements prior to order and jack requests so that the proper fit can be determined.
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